Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Moving to Mexico City can be a challenge! And yet after everything you've heard about Mexico, most people find out that living here is actually pretty great! Mexico City is the New York of Mexico!  
Luckily for me I get to meet most of you who've lived around the world and some of you who are adventuring out for the first time! I try to help all my make the best of their experience here with not only with hair but with any questions about Mexico. Paying it forward!   
I'm always so impressed by those of you who move here and seek out a good hairdresser before all else! That tells me how important your hair is you! (love it!) I'm here to help you get exactly what you want and want and hopefully a little more!
As for me, I've been doing hair pretty much all my life! It's amazing that I didn't come out of the womb with a color brush in my hand! (hahaha) Once you know me you'll know that this is not just a job for me this is my passion! Making people beautiful everyday... doesn't get better than that!

Get Inspired! Fall Hair Fashion 2017!

If you're like Gigi and love your long hair, no one will understand you better than me! I've had long hair all my life! Long hair is a feeling, an identity, and an investment. You can still have long, blonde, color treated hair if you take of it right. I'll show you how.
That's totally my thing baby!

Looking for a cut that's easy, current and fresh? Check out Kendal's cut! Believe it or not it's one of the hottest cuts in Hollywood right now. This cut is simple, chic and easy to maintain and easy to grow out for those who are unsure what really want a change.  

Ombre's, lobs (long bobs) pony tails, ombre's!  Love them all! Find your many styles! Play!
Client Testimonials!
Proud of my testimonials! Grateful every day for the words I hear from each and every one of you!
Mom said, change your hair, change your life ;) maybe I'm up for some cool new gig!!
Thank you to my magician beautician Ronit Sabban! You rock!
Dana, US
Masters come in many forms. Tag a hairstylist 
you appreciate!  Couldn't do it without Ronit Sabban! Thank you!
Heather, US
Ronit Sabban is the absolute best!!!
Elizabeth, US

I agree that Ronit Sabban is brilliant with blonde hair she gave me the exact color I was looking for!
Katja, UK

Wish I wouldn't have to leave Mexico or leave you! My girls and I will miss the magic way you gave us all the exact shade of blonde that looks best of each one of us! xoxo
Antoinette, Holland

Ronit you did it! OMG only you could pull off giving me such a dramatic change and make me feel like I should have done this a long time ago! You gave me a whole new lease on life! Thank you so much! I totally love it!
Amy, USA
Hi Ronit just wanted to let you know how much I love my color, highlights and cut! It's my birthday next week and you made me feel 10 years younger!
Thanks Ronit!
Hi Ronit just wanted to thank you for the beautiful highlights you've given me! You shouldn't be known as The American Hairdresser in Mexico you should be known as the blonde hairdresser in Mexico! A friend recommended me to you as I asked her for someone who really know their blondes and she said you were the best! So glad I found you!Thanks much,
Liz, USA

Ronit searching for a great hairdresser in Mexico all I had to do was put type in 'best hairdresser in Mexico' and there you were! Now I know why! Really enjoyed the whole experience of being in you studio and actually relaxing while getting my hair done.
Very happy!
Sarah, USA

Hi Ronit thank you for doing such a great job on my highlights! Your expertise really shines thru!
Iris, Germany

Hi Ronit, I can't tell you how scared I was to get my hair highlighted and cut in Mexico. I went to very upscale salons here and was fairly satisfied with my hair but since coming to you I have to tell you how happy I am. The color reminds me exactly of the highlights I got in the States and the haircut was exactly what I was looking for!
Thanks Ronit!
Lauren, USA

Hi Ronit 
Well, I will definitely try to find a hairdresser I like. I think that it's safe to assume, however, that I will never enjoy their work or their friendship as much as I have enjoyed yours.  Thank you and please stay in touch! 
Much love,

Hi Ronit!
I love recommending my friends to you cause I know they will adore their hair and have a great time chatting with you! Heidi's hair looked wonderful - loved the color.  
See you soon!
Hillery, US.A

It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday, and I can't get over what an incredible job you did! My color never looked so good! Thanks so much and looking forward to my next appointment!
Molly, USA

Thank you for the wonderful haircare we were given on my birthday:) A pleasure as always, you are the magic hair woman of Mexico City!
Lena, Norway
Dearest Ronit,

Honey - I made it through my first haircut and colour in New Zealand!  I gave the hairdresser, Meredith, my magic hair formula and using Scwarzkopf colours she managed to do OK.  I would give it a 7/10. Whereas you were always an 11/10! 
But I still have my hair and I can be seen in public so we're OK!
Wish you were here☀��
Jo, New Zealand

Thank you, Ronit! I always look and feel so glamorous after a visit with you. I love the interesting peeps i meet while there. And I love our conversations. Enjoy the holidays!  ����
Danielle, USA

Ronit I'm so excited to Have finally found you! I've been looking around for years for a stylist WHO finally Understood what I wanted. The funny thing is that I've Been walking around With This picture of the cut I wanted for so long I'm just so impressed that without showing it to you, you gave me exactly what I wanted. Thank you, I'm yours!
Allison, USA

I've tried many of the best hair salons in Cancun and Mexico City, but I have not Been Happier With the results than I was when i Went to Ronit This Summer. I was a little skeptical at first, and apprehensive to not go to another of the big salons, but I'm so glad I tried her service. It's great to have one on one attention from staff Someone who really gets hair. I dye my hair blonde and Have Such trouble finding good colourists WHO here in Mexico know how to Work With blondes, but I found her! Thanks Ronit

Charlotte, Untied Kingdom

Ronit Hi ... I 've been meaning to tell you how pleased I am With how my hair turned out and send you a pic but am just getting to it now! I think you Might be in my top two stylists (ever) for color :). I'll be back!

Jamie, USA
ronit hi, I just wanted to let you know That my hair was so awesome last month That even my (male) neighbor was commenting on how great I Looked! You always do a great job, of coarse, but last time was above and beyond!
Thanks Ronit
tracy, USA

It was real pleasure to find you and find out what a great hairdresser you are in what you do. You make people happy in How They look after visiting your salon. 
I am going to treasure your contact information and all the wonderful times we spent together.
Carmen, Mexico

I so value what you did for me while I was in Mexico City on my last business trip. You gave me the best color, cut, and blow dry I have ever had. Plus, you are an amazing person! I Wish I could teleport you to Houston! Already looking forward to an appointment with you During my next business trip there.
Leesa, United States

I Have Known Ronit for four years now. Luckily for me, I found her while doing a search for english speaking hairdressers in Mexico City. Ronit my hair hasTransformed into what it is today become healthier, stronger and looking fabulous! Ronit has Become much more than a hairdresser to the the expat community in Mexico, she Provides awesome Advice about living in the area and have on occasion Brought people together. It is going to be difficult to find so much to replace.
Thanks Ronit!
Caroline, Ireland

My experience has-been fantastic With Ronit. I started to go gray early so I've always HAD brittle, dry and thin hair. With Ronit's help, I was Able to continue to color my hair, even experiment from time to time from jet back to ombré with light brown / blonde highlights and Maintain healthy, silky hair.   I'm not sure what she does with my hair but it is magic. I'll miss her deeply trusted not only as a hairdresser and also as a friend and confidant.
Kristine (Moved to Carmel, Ca)

I 've been meaning to write and tell you how happy I've been with my hair cut and highlights! Thank you so much and it was great to meet you. I have gotten many compliments and Have shared your cards with some of my friends at the embassy.You will definitely be hearing from me again!
Best wishes,
Donna, USA 

Ronit as my 2 years in Mexico comes to an end, I Want You To Know That You Were with out a doubt one of my favorite things I loved about de MexicoAs I move on now I will do my best to find Someone who can highlight and cut my hair That way you do! I do love the way my Color With Different tones so it looks more naturally. And every time I come out of your place I feel like a star! Thanks so much! I'll really miss you.
Rebecca, UK

Ronit I've heard so much about you. I'm glad I finally got to meet you! What everyone says about you is true! I loved my color and my cut and so did my husband! Thank you, I can not wait to see you again!

Maria, Germany

Ronit Hi! 
I love love love my hair!!! Thank you so much !! The highlights are better than I Could have ever imagined! Why did I wait so long to come to you ??? I'm really happy I found you!
Sara, USA 

Oh goodness Ronit your wizardry is getting me way more attention than an introvert is prepared for. I'm blushing excessively, but thank you. Being beautiful can be fun, right ?!  
Lauren, USA

Hi Ronit I do not know how to thank you enough for saving my hair! Finding someone to give me a natural looking soft highlights has-been a challenge for me here. The last salon i went to my hair turned orange! And When I Went back to have it fixed it just got worse! Anyway, I am grateful to Have found you! Thank you so much! 
Katherina, Germany